Hello everyone to AverykSinger.com, my name is Sandra Haggerty I am a freelance artist and I specialize in painting. 

As everyone knows, as an artist, one of the best ways to show your talent is on canvas. For those who love the art, precious canvas paintings are very valuable, sometimes priceless. 

Canvas paintings are drawn by a person directly onto the canvas. They do that by using oil paint or acrylic paint. There is also another type of canvas prints. 

Canvas paintings were introduced in the 17th century as a more cost-effective alternative to wooden panels. Print copies were only introduced to the masses with the advent of lithograp. 

So today with technical tools, it’s not difficult for us to own a canvas printout. But not many people know how to handle and store them properly. 

That is why I created this website in the hope that my experience and knowledge can help you. For those who are new to canvas painting, I want to help you with the basics of painting on canvas. 

Please send me your comments and feedback at sandra.haggerty@aol.com ! I look forward to it. Thank you very much