How to Frame a Canvas Print
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The Ultimate Guide on How to Frame a Canvas Print

Do you know this?

Hanging canvas prints in your house is an eye-catching way to display your favorite photos to other people.

And to hang and protect these canvas prints, we usually frame them. How do we do to frame canvas prints?

Well, you’ll learn how to frame a canvas print in this guide. Let’s get started now!

A Step-by-step Guide on How to Frame a Canvas Print

Buy Frames

Step1: Determine measurements (width, length, and depth) of your canvas print with a tape measure. Then write them down carefully.

  • Be careful when you measure because increments on tape measures usually are 1/16.
  • To buy the exact frame size, you should check twice for measurements.

Step 2: Select frameworks that suit the canvas prints.

  • Shouldn’t choose frameworks that have the same color as your canvas.
  • Simple paintings look good when being framed with ornate structures, and planer frames suit for canvas with modern style.
how to frame a canvas print

Step 3: Go to a store for the craft to buy the frames you like.

  • To avoid making multiple trips to different stores, you should make a call to the store to confirm whether they have the size you want.
  • To get the best deal, let’s make a list of prices that are offered by stores.
  • You can shop online for frames too.

Step 4: Buy clips for the canvas

  • To make the canvas fixed, we usually use 4 clips. Canvas clips requiring screws or not depend on the kind of clips you choose.

Frame the Canvas Print

Step 1: Insert your art into the frame. To do this, let’s upside down the canvas, then put it inside the frame.

  • When doing this, you should be careful to not scratch the side which is decorated.
  • Let’s rearrange the canvas print if it’s still loose.
  • It will be different in each frame, some fit tightly, and some are looser.

Step 2: Attach the canvas clips. In this article, we use clips that need screws. To hold them well, on each stretcher-bar, in the middle, you will position a clip.

  • Draw marks where you will place the clip with a pencil.
  • At each mark, carefully drill a small hole. Set the canvas clips on those holes, making them fixed by using screws.

Step 3: Turn your canvas print over to check whether it slides out. If it does, you need to press on the clips to make them tight.

Attach a Wire to Hang

Step 1: Put the upside of the canvas down and make sure the right side is up. In order to avoid misunderstanding, you also can use a pencil to mark.

Step 2: Along with a pencil, about ¼ to ⅓ on the way down both sides, you draw a mark with a tape measure. Notice marks on both sides are at the same spot.

Step 3: At the position of two marked points, attach the hanger screws.

Step 4: Then, you cut a wire to hang the canvas. To cut the right length, you should add from 6 to 8 inches to the width of your canvas.

Step 5: Attach the hanger wire.

  • Start with the first end, secure it by making a knot.
  • Pull the wire to make it tight.
  • Do again on the left side.

Attach a Kraft Paper

To protect your canvas, at the back of your canvas print, let’s tape a sheet of kraft paper that is equal or a bit bigger to the framed painting

Do this carefully to ensure that the edges of the paper will line up with the edges of the stretcher-bar.

Trimming the kraft paper with scissors or a knife if it excesses the canvas.

Hang Your Framed Canvas Print

After framing your art, let’s choose suitable places to hang your framed canvas.

canvas prints

Common Questions About Canvas Prints

How Much Does It Cost To Print On Canvas?

The cost of a canvas print depends on the size of the print and can be affected by many factors. Typically, smaller canvas print sizes cost at $20, while larger ones can cost up to $200.

What Is The Good Size For Digital Art?

Well, canvas dimensions will determine the size of your digital art when it’s printed. It would be better if you choose a larger size to preserve more image detail.

For example, you can set the width to 18 inches, the height to 24 inches, and the resolution at 300 pixels-per-inch.

What Is A Gallery Wrapped Canvas?

Briefly, this canvas type is designed to be displayed without a frame. It has thicker stretcher bars, and fasteners are invisible. Plus, the color of the print often extends out to the sides.



Well, I’ve told you information on how to frame a canvas print. I hope that this guide will be helpful to you. Feel free to leave your views in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!



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