How To Hang Canvas Paintings
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The Ultimate Guide On How To Hang Canvas Paintings

Do you know the right way to hang canvas paintings?

Have you ever tried to do it?

Hanging a canvas painting is not as difficult as you have imagined. You can do it by yourself as long as you have learned the right way and prepared enough tools. No matter what kind of canvas painting do you want to hang, where to hang, the process is simple.

If you are looking for detailed instructions, scroll down to find out the ultimate tips on how to canvas paintings.

Measure the exact height

Step 1: Determine how high the canvas center is.

Lay the canvas painting down on a plane. Then, use a ruler or measuring tape and calculate the height from the top corner to the bottom. To determine the center’s height, let’s divide the measurement in two.

Step 2: Determine how high the canvas painting is from the ground.

Typically, people often add 57 in, which is equivalent to 140 cm, to the height of the canvas. 57 in from the flat surface is at the perfect eye level of ordinary people, which is applied to locate the center of the artworks at museums and art galleries.

Step 3: Mark the canvas painting’s height you are going to hang on the wall.

To determine the right height, use a tape measure on the wall that the canvas painting is hung. It is better to use either a pencil or chalk, which is erased easily. Then, draw a cross or a small dot. The point you have drawn shows how high from the ground that the summit of your canvas painting should be.

Primarily, make sure to press gently if you do not want to destroy the wall.

Use the wire hanging

Step 1: Determine the position of the steel eye screws.

Overturn the canvas painting and lay it down on a plane. Divide the painting’s height into third parts. Then, from the top of the canvas, take a pencil in order to spot a one-third measurement down on each upright stretcher-bar. Make sure to check the measurement carefully on both sides.

Step 2: Twist the steel eye screws into upright stretcher-bars.

After determining the marking you have made, take one steel eye screw and push it into the exact point on the stretcher-bar.

Remember to twist if firmly, and it seems to be straight. Do it repeatedly on another side. If you do not turn these screws in a straight line, it will destroy your canvas painting or the stretcher-bars.

Step 3: Cut and knot the iron wire to the steel eye screws.

Calculate the piece of iron wire, which is about the canvas painting’s width plus 8 in (20 cm), then cut it into the right size. The added length of 8 in allows the wire to make a loop in the steel eye screws without difficulty.

Then, make a loop at each end of the iron wire after threading it through the screws. The shape of the loop should be a “6”. Tighten its knot by pulling the wire gently.

Make sure to keep the wire loose enough between the screws so that the central point is from 2 to 3 in, which is about from 5.1 to 7.6 in, below the summit of the canvas painting.

Step 4: Wrap the iron wire’s ends about the wire and get ready to hang the canvas.

To ensure that the wire ends will not damage your canvas, get them loose beyond the way. Then, weave the end around the wire tightly to make the cord hanging look tidy.

You can use a suspension hook or knock a nail into the wall. Remember the place that the middle of the iron wire to hang your canvas painting firmly.


Use a sawtooth hanger

Step 1: Determine the center of the canvas.

First, let’s choose a suitable sawtooth hanger according to the canvas painting’s weight. The large canvas needs a large sawtooth hanger indeed.

Then, overturn the canvas painting to measure the top of the stretcher-bar and divide it into two. Mark the middle point by a pencil.

Step 2: Put the sawtooth hanger on the stretcher-bar.

Align the hanger you have chosen over the point you have marked. If your hanger does not have a notch, use a surveying ruler to find out the central point to make two points coincide.

Step 3: Insert nails into both two sides on the hanger.

Keep the hanger fixed to nail the marked spaces on each side of the hanger. This process will keep the hanger attached to the stretcher-bar. Of course, the hanger must be in straight to hang the canvas correctly.

Step 4: Hang your canvas painting.

Similar to using a wire hanging, you can use a suspension hook or a nail to hang the painting. Check it out until it is straight.


The Bottom line

You can totally hang a canvas painting by yourself with some simple tools under a detailed guide.

I hope that you can find something useful after reading our guide. If you have further ideas about the way to hang canvas paintings, comment below to share with us!

Thanks for reading!

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