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How To Paint Vinyl Records With Ease

A selection of great artists and records is part of the charm of vinyl recording crafts. Even though, are there any old records that you hate?

Well, you can give them a new life and display them beautifully in your living room.

After adding this stuff, it is easy to paint a vinyl record as to paint something else in your house. Simply put on a smock and plan to paint.

Clean The Vinyl

You can do this either doing manually with a record cleaner kit or using an automatic record cleaning machine. Take one of the vinyl records that you can use to design. Give it a quick wipe to remove soil or loose waste.

Remove all dust and debris with a rag washed in soapy hot water from the documents. Enable the records to dry or scrub them with a clean rag.

You ought to use something to plug the tiny hole in the middle. A strip of tape performs fantastically.

Please ensure you tape that on the back “so that when and when the painting is completed, your painting doesn’t get ruined.


Prime the records with plastics spray first. Just add a single thin layer, in compliance with the selected product route. Let the records dry for at least an hour, then add a second coat.

You can use Gesso for this portion while you have it, or other paints you want to paint the record as a base coat. No need to wait until it dries, just paint the top, and plan to apply the end.

Water or oil primers and paints work both well, but latex paints on water seem to be easier to clean and are often cheaper.

Paint The Vinyl Record

Paint The Vinyl Record

You can freely build your art on a prepared context based on your painting experience.

Or you can fold the paper circular into a half 3 times. Your paper can now look like a slice of pizza. Open the paper and you’ll have a 6-piece-length pizza.

Using the marker, draw a design on one piece of your pizza board. Copy the design onto the other pieces with each piece holding up to a window and monitored.

You should use the acrylic for the mixture of old vinyl albums, such as a cup, stirring strap, floetrol, and some cocos milk serium. Note to plug the opening with a tape or something like that in the centre.

Fill each cup with 1 drop of serum and blend properly. Combine all the colors into 1 cup, then spray over the surface of the vinyl and enjoy the effects.

Apply a clear plastic spray film. Add even strokes over the profile surface for a long time. Cause to dry for around an hour and, if required, add a second film.

You should install these colorful art objects as an art deco style on your wall. And, when these colors are being applied, why not apply a final touch to your bowl or bracelet until it cools.

Can you paint and still use the vinyl record?

For coats of acrylic, hand-painted or thin spray paint, there is also a little hope that vinyl records will ever be used for recording.

But if you incorporate acrylic, you can certainly use vinyls only for show or decoration.

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