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What Are Canvas Prints?

Have you ever heard or seen the line of canvas prints?

It seems a little strange to you, right?

We know that! And we are here to help you gain a piece of new knowledge.

Canvas prints are too popular and often used by designers, painters, etc. But for those who are less interested in painting, canvas prints are a relatively new line of paintings, not everyone understands well.

So what are canvas prints?

Let’s find out through the article below!

What Are Canvas Prints?

Canvas prints are high-tech prints, crafted entirely on a material called burlap – also known as canvas.

These paintings are printed by modern digital inkjet printers with specialized ink, so the color fastness is relatively high even when used outdoors, resistant to rain and sun.

Therefore, canvas prints are currently one of the most famous paintings in the market and have a significant influence in the painting world.

Printed Fabric Material

The fabric material of canvas prints is canvas or burlap originated from horizontal, light, and durable natural cotton. Fabrics are often characteristic white but not white as fabrics treated with detergent.

This is a popular fabric of painters to draw painting. It is also a specialized material for art because it has ink suction characteristics combined with printing techniques to create beautiful images, bright and highlight colors.

Prints Size

Canvas prints have the advantage of being very easy to customize in size, and you can freely choose to fit your purpose.

For large canvas prints, they will be suitable for decoration in rooms with sizeable empty wall areas and relatively large space.

However, if the room space is cramped, the wall area is not large enough, it will backfire this picture and make your room even more stuffy and more complicated than before.


How To Produce Canvas Prints?

Do you know how people make a canvas print?

Below is the answer for you!

Necessary Printing Materials

The materials you need to prepare for the printing of canvas prints are the most favorable: painting frames, canvas, images to be printed, gels, and brushes.

In addition to the basic materials above, you just need to get more water and props to flatten the paper, such as a straight ruler or replacement tools with the same effect.

Isn’t it too complicated?

Printing Equipment

For canvas prints, to get the desired image and color, manufacturers often have to use inkjet printers and specialized inks such as Dye, Pigment, and Eco-Solvent.

These types of ink have the advantage of beautiful colors, so the prints on standard colors provide sharp, multi-dimensional, and vivid images.


How To Make Canvas Prints?

Typically, canvas prints will be printed in the following order of process:

Step 1: Place the frame on the surface and spread the cloth evenly across the surface. You need to pay attention not to wrinkle fabric or have creased lines.

And before that, be sure not to wash the fabric and clean the picture frame before putting them into print.

Step 2: Use a brush to apply on the canvas surface with a sufficient gel, and spread evenly across the surface of the fabric, avoiding irregular application will make the printed image not beautiful.

Step 3: After the gel has spread all over the fabric, the next step is to slowly place the photo that you need to print onto the canvas surface gently.

You have to remember moving your hand slowly from the top of the cloth to the bottom to avoid deviating the image position compared to the frame.

Step 4: Next, use a straight ruler to smooth the surface of the newly stretched image to make the image flat and also a step to make the photo and canvas more sticky.

Step 5: Done, you just need to let the paintings rest for about 4-5 hours to dry gel. At this time, the paper has dried on the canvas, and the image gradually prints on the surface of the fabric.

Step 6: Spray water on the surface of the painting to remove all paper layers of the sample image on the fabric surface. Remember to spray the water and let it soak in for a few minutes and then soften it yourself.

Step 7: After removing all the paper on the canvas surface, wait until the fabric is completely dry and continue to apply a thin layer of gel on the fabric to keep the ink from fading.

Remember not to leave any single piece of paper, even the smallest, because it will make the lines and aesthetics of the picture not as beautiful as desired.

The Most Popular Canvas Painting Technology Today

The most popular canvas painting technique today is usually divided into two main types, which are matte canvas and glossy canvas.


Matte Canvas Prints

Matte canvas is a printing technique that uses water-ink to print paintings. This technology helps the printout to be bright with pure colors, but only used for interior paintings, indoor decoration and cannot stand the influence of sunshine and rain.

In short, it can not be left outside!

Glossy Canvas Prints

Contrary to matte canvas, glossy canvas prints use oil-inks with more exceptional durability than water-level in their ability to withstand sunlight. Besides, oil ink also helps the picture retain its original color.

This type of painting is popularly used in exterior canvas prints, where it is subject to frequent exposure to the sun or the effects of weather. The product is much more durable and longer than the water-based canvas prints.

Besides, oil-based canvas prints are also printed on the surface of thick canvas, smooth surface, and ink that has high adhesion and is stronger than water-based ink.

Why Should You Choose Canvas Prints

Canvas prints have excellent water resistance. In addition to hanging indoors, the paintings are also decorated and displayed outdoors with the ability to withstand sun, rain, etc. without affecting the quality of paintings.

Canvas prints do not use protective glass, but there is an ink layer that increases wear resistance exceptionally effectively, so when hanging, you will not need to be too worried about preserving during use.

You just need to use a damp washcloth gently wipes clean right away.

According to the opinion of customers who have used canvas prints for decoration, the time to use paintings when hanging in family space is up to more than ten years while retaining the sharpness of the image.

The picture frame is made of pinewood with the ability to resist termites effectively, very lightweight. The frame is made of composite plastic that is not abrasive by the weather, so it is worth using for a long time.

And until now, if you wonder if you should choose canvas prints to celebrate your house or not. The answer is yes, absolutely!

Final Thoughts

We believe that you had the best answer for the beginning question: What are canvas prints!

It can be said that canvas print is the best choice for long-term decoration for your house. We hope that the above information will help you better understand well about this type of painting, so you can choose one for your home.

I hope you will have a beautiful home as expected!

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